Shaping the future
of insurance

“Kaiser X Labs is a collaborative space with a multidisciplinary team. We create meaningful customer experiences and innovative services that drive brand success for Allianz and its strategic partners.”


We foster a culture of open dialogue across project teams every month by posing ourselves one big question that strikes our curiosity. Each team member contributes their personal experiences and points of view as we tote the topics through phases of discovery, ideation and refinement of ideas.

  • Collective Curiosities
    This introductory article describes the journey of desynchronized collaboration and our learnings from the experience. It is the first communication of our company culture experiment, soon to be followed by many.
  • Why do we need insurance
    Collective Curiosities are conversations among members of the Kaiser X Labs team to explore ideas that fascinate us. To introduce the series, we decided to explore how people think about the need for insurance.
  • Our hybrid team represents the skills and perspectives needed to create innovative solutions and engaging brand and user experiences for our clients and their customers. We are designers, strategists, researchers, and developers, all working together to tell powerful brand stories. Our diverse perspectives and experiences are shaped by industry-leading companies including IDEO, Samsung, P&G and Lego.

    Collaboration is central to everything we do. We invite client teams to be part of the process, energising them to think in new ways, act nimbly, and achieve success.


      Understanding users’ lives from multiple perspectives – behaviors, needs, desires, and context of use – to generate actionable insights.


      Building experience prototypes to test and iterate service and product designs with users.


      Creating solutions that translate business strategy into UX strategy, advancing organizational success.


      Creating targeted design solutions that address user needs and values.


      Applying design thinking and other strategic processes to achieve breakthrough ideas and improved organisational behaviour.


      Bringing ideas to life through interactive experiences, services, and products.